This short film shows the story behind the code word "Masque-19".

This film is based on true events. Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the numbers of domestic abuse cases went through the roof. When France imposed an extremely strict lock-down, the victims were trapped at home with their abusers 23 hours a day. They were only allowed out for one hour to go to a pharmacy or a grocery store. French pharmacists came up with a way victims could secretly ask for help: The code word “Masque-19”. 

The short film “Masque-19” shows the psychological horror most victims are experiencing while trying to leave their partner. And how the code word offered a way out. 

We wanted to offer support to anyone in the world who might see this film and consider leaving an abusive partner. But although domestic abuse is a worldwide problem, awareness campaigns and helplines are local. So we created a new website where the helpline number for any country in the whole world can be found in a matter of seconds. So no matter where you are, you can get help.


YDA Cannes (Shortlist)
Ciclope Festival (Shortlist)
One Point Four Awards (Official Selection)
Moscow Shorts (Official Selection)
Shark Awards (Shortlist)
Sedona International Film Festival (Winner, Best International Short)


Production Company: Badass | Director: Marko Roth | DoP: Leo Schrepel | Edit: Nikolaus Kohler| Executive Producer: Blaise Izard | Composer: Gustav Karlstrom | Colorist: Marina Starke

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