A story about how hard work doesn’t always pay off.

In today’s society, we worship success. Failure is something to be ashamed of, something to be hidden. This film is an unflinching look at failure. We follow Kherou, a young wrestler in Dakar, through the ups and downs of his career. Shot entirely on 16mm, the rough look of the film echoes the harshness of his life. This is a film about embracing our failures. Because it’s our failures more than our successes that truly shape the people we are.


Clio Awards 2018 - Gold
Ciclope Festival 2018 - Gold
Young Director Award Cannes 2018 - Shortlisted
Spotlight Awards 2019 – Bronze
NYF Advertising Awards 2019 – Second Prize Award (Direction)


Director: Marko Roth | DoP:  Dehler | Local Producer: Meissa Seck | Wrestler: Kherou Ngor | Edit: Emma Backman | Colorist: Marina Starke | Sounddesign: Moritz Staub | Composer: Jakob Balogh

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