In The Beginning


This film is about how abusive relationships start. But it is also about how they can end, and the new beginning that every victim deserves.

Domestic violence, in most cases, is not visible to friends or outsiders. And since the Covid-19 pandemic began, many women have been locked down with their abusers. The film “In The Beginning” captures some of the long, uncomfortable, everyday moments of this isolation.

We wanted to offer support to anyone in the world who might see this film and consider leaving an abusive partner. But although domestic abuse is a worldwide problem, awareness campaigns and helplines are local. So we created a new website where the helpline number for any country in the whole world can be found in a matter of seconds. And no matter where you are, you can get help.



Director: Marko Roth | DoP: Moritz Dehler | Production Company: Simon & Paul GmbH | Producer: Simon Fessler

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